Algemene voorwaarden

Article 1: Applicability and Conditions

  1. Our general conditions are applicable to every offer of us as online retailer to you as consumer (every natural individual that, exclusively for non-proffesional purposes, obtains or uses goods that are placed in the market).
  2. We deliver in Belgium and the Netherlands. If your delivery address is in another country, we can refuse your booking.
  3. To be able to place an order, you at least have to be 18 years old. If you are not 18 years, we ask you to let your parent or legal guardian place the order for you. If we notice the booking is done by a minor, we can refuse the order.
  4. Placing an order on the website counts as an explicit acceptence of our general conditions that are always available on our website.
  5. If next to our general conditions, additional specific conditions apply, above also counts for additional conditions. If our general conditions are inconsistent with those additional conditions, you as a consumer can always call on the most beneficial text for you.

Article 2: Our offer and your order

  1. If an offer has a limited validity or is subject to conditions, we will mention this explicitly in our offer.
  2. We always describe as complete and detailled as possible what we are selling and how the ordering process wil work. The describtion is detailed enough to let you make a good judgment. If we use images, these are a faithful representation of the goods/services we offer. To err is human, if it’s obvious that we made a mistake, we arn’t obliged to still deliver you.
  3. Your order is complete and the agreement between us is final as soon as we confirmed your order by e-mail en as soon as we received the approval of your payment transaction with debetcard by the issuer of your card. We accept bank transfers. If the issuer refuses to confirm the payment to us, we cannot be held responsible for the delayed delivery or not-delivery of your order. Orders without a valid payment on the name of a registered cardholder are not accepted or processed.

Article 3: Cancellation by the traveller

If you buy a service from us, you have the right to decide you don’t want to use our service no later than 5 working days after your order. In this case you can cancel your booking without paying a fine and without giving a reason for cancellation. Within 14 working days after you informed us you want to withdraw from the contract, we will pay back the full purchase price with the same payment method you payed us. If the period of 5 working days is exceeded, Citytripper can charge cancellation fees. The traveller receives the next percentage of the travel sum:  

5 working days after your booking – 100%

More than 5 working days after your booking – 0%

Article 4: Conformity and Guarantee

We guarantee that our goods are conform your orders and meet normal expectations you can have taking into account the specifications of the product. We also guarantee you that our goods satisfy existing laws from the moment ofyour order.

Article 5: Delivieres and and execution

  1. All goods and services will be delivered at the address you mentioned when ordering.
  2. Deliveries happen at the latest 2 days before your departure.
  3. If we can’t deliver on time, we will warn you before the foreseen delivery period has expiered. If we don’t do so, you can can cancel your booking free of charge.We will pay you back withing 30 days after cancellation.
  4. Our sendings always take place on our risk. You don’t need to worry about post that gets lost on its way.
  5. We can’t be held responsible for any consequential damages caused by late delivery by the transporter that the company has assigned. Our liability is in this case limited to the value of the articles of which can be proven they didn’t reach the customer. 

Article 6: Force majeure

  1. In the case of force majeure we shall not be liable to fulfil our obligations. In this case we can suspend our obligation for as long the force majeure lasts, or dissolve the agreement definitively.
  2. Force majeure is any condition beyond our will and controle that fully or partly hinders our ability to meet our obligations. Among other things we understand force majeure can be strikes, fire, operational malfunctions, energy malfunctions, malfunctions in a (telecommunication) netwerk or connection or used communication system or not being available on our website, late or non-delivery of suppliers or other third parties…

Article 7: Intellectual assets

  1. Our website, logo’s, texts, photo’s, names and in general all our communication is protected by intellectual assets, either with us, our suppliers or other rights-owners.n 
  2. It is forbidden to use or make modifications to our intellectual assets as described in this article. For example it is not allowed to copy or repreduce drawings, notes, photo’s, names, texts, logo’s, color combinations without any prior, explicit and written permission from Loomies.

Article 8: Complaints procedure and disputes

  1. We hope that our customers are 100% satisfied. If however customer have compaints about our services, you can contact us via We are doing everythiing possibel to reply within 7 days. 
  2. On all agreements and contracts we close with customers, regardless residence, exclusively the Belgian law is in full force and effect en at disputes only comptent Belgian courts are authorised. When for reasons of international right another right is applied, when interpretating the current general conditions we will in the first place rely on the Belgian law market practices and consumer protection.

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