About us

What we do and who we are

Go on a day trip without any preparations, leave your worries at home and still discover the hotspots of the city

Your day is mapped out and we organise everything so you don’t have to think about anything. Be surprised and enter that hip lunchbar where the reservation is made for you.

Leave the planning to our local experts and you before leaving you will receive all the needed information in your mail box! Where can I park easily, which city tour will I follow, where do I eat at what time?

Group activities, a day away with friend etc. can be arranged for you as well! Our customised service ensures a fun day fitting your needs with activities, guided tour walks, chocolate tastings… Everything is possible!



Loomies wants to make you happy by organizing a unique experience for you.

We want to continue to surprise you by constantly looking for new hotspots and breaking down unknown roads.

In addition, Loomies chooses to enter into a partnership with local merchants only.

We want to grow by expanding into other cities in the future.

Hi there!

Liesje Osselaer has always been curious and looking for new destinations. Belgium and abroad: Ghent, Riga, Jerusalem, Medellin, Brussels, Leuven, Skopje, Madrid, Montreal… Discovering a city its best places isn’t always obvious and takes a lot of time. That why she decided to help people and share this pleasure by guiding people exploring cities. Giving her the opportunity to keep on being surprised and touched along the way.

Liesje obtained a Master in Film and Television studies at the University of Ghent and a second Master in General Management at the Vlerick Business School of Leuven.

Beste bezoeker, wegens nieuwe opportuniteiten hebben wij besloten loomies stop te zetten.

Indien u nog een te besteden bon heeft, kan je ons/mij contacteren om deze nog te gebruiken.

Voor verdere vragen kan u zich nog steeds wenden tot info@loomies.be.

Bedankt voor alles!