How does Loomies work?

Choose your trip

Depending on who you are, what you like to do and where you want to go, you choose one of our trips or we tailor it.

reveal your day

A few days before your departure you receive everything you need in your mailbox: practical information, a walking tour and eat/drink vouchers.


go on discovery

You will be completely unburdened and there is only room for fun: hidden pearls, tips, facts, anecdotes and beautiful scenes.

who are you?

the two of you

Do you want to explore a city with your friend, partner, mother… but nobody feels like planning the trip?


Is it your role as a bridesmaid or witness to organize the bachelor party? No inspiration or time to do this?


Are you going on a trip with the family, but the kids aren’t always as enthousiastic as you are?


Do you want to organise a teambuilding or event with the company? Cultural, active, culinary or a combination?

our offer

day trip Ghent

Enjoy an unforgettable day in Ghent and discover the best parts of the city without any preparation.

Follow our city walk at your own pace and discover everything about Ghent.

Trip Amsterdam

Be the first one to discover our mapped out city walks and stop in authentic foodbars in premium.

Next to one day experiences, it’s possible to enjoy a 2-day trip to this fascinating city.


Special requests, small or big groups? Associations, companies or a group of friends can contact us.

Choose and combine out of or offer of different activities and city tours.

Beste bezoeker, wegens nieuwe opportuniteiten hebben wij besloten loomies stop te zetten.

Indien u nog een te besteden bon heeft, kan je ons/mij contacteren om deze nog te gebruiken.

Voor verdere vragen kan u zich nog steeds wenden tot

Bedankt voor alles!